Solving with SQL

Master the Fundamentals of SQL in 30 Days

Solving with SQL is the cohort-based course and community that will take you from complete beginner to up and running with SQL in 30 days.Ditch the headaches and start solving real-world business problems so that you can increase your earning potential.

Stop overthinking.
Start Solving with SQL in 2023.

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All beginners learning SQL face the same 10 problems.

If you're reading this, chances are one (or more) of these problems are keeping you up at night (and keeping you from using SQL).And chances are, you know you should be using SQL - which is why you're on this page in the first place.Whether it's to quit your job and start freelancing, get a promotion in your current job, or switch careers into the exciting world of marketing analytics, SQL is something that's been on your list for a while.

  1. Information overload

  2. Feeling directionless

  3. Not enough time in the day

  4. Lack of real-world experience

  5. Working with data seamlessly

  6. Answering business questions

  7. Landing your first analytics job

  8. Lack of mentorship and support

  9. Wasting time with clunky reports

  10. Not sure where to start with SQL

Stop getting overwhelmed.

The biggest "rookie mistake" when trying to learn SQL? Attempting to learn everything at once.The good news is: this is an easy fix.All you have to do is follow the Solving with SQL Quickstart Guide, which takes you from zero to running your first query in one day.By the time you finish the quick start guide, you'll have SQL running on your computer and writing your first queries.This creates a fast feedback loop so it's impossible to get overwhelmed. And it's only available in the course.

The accountability you've been missing.

Maybe you've tried using SQL before. But, time and time again, you're forced to quit. What starts off as exciting and new becomes too difficult. Something comes up and – let's face it – Excel is "good enough."But this is because there was no accountability.You tried to start using SQL on your own, almost doomed from the start.But Solving with SQL solves that problem once and for all. You build your SQL code alongside others with the same goal as you.This creates accountability, unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Stop losing motivation.

Let's be honest.If you're reading this, you know you should be using SQL to solve annoying data problems at work. Since "learn SQL" found its way onto your to-do list, you've seen dozens of others do it successfully, building reports, automating their work, and getting promotions and new job opportunities.But for one reason or another, you've been putting it off. And it's probably some combination of procrastination, perfectionism, and fear of being labeled as an "impostor" that's holding you back.Fortunately, Solving with SQL will get you to the other side. From wannabe-analyst to the go-to person when there's a marketing question from your boss.And once you make that leap, you'll never look back.

Apply the SQL you learn.

Most people get an itch to learn SQL when vendor tools and reports no longer do the trick. Your boss asks for a report that you KNOW needs data from two different systems.Sweating over a hot keyboard just to try and get Excel to do exactly what you need with VLOOKUPs and pivot tables when you KNOW that the report is going to change and your messy (but kinda working) solution is going to bust apart at the seams.No thanks.Instead, you start small with bite-sized SQL solutions that work using YOUR data. Then you build from there.During Solving with SQL, you'll create and use a complete SQL database from scratch that you can use to answer questions more quickly, develop insights more deeply, and automate your work to save you time.At the end of the 30 days, you'll be able to apply everything you learn about SQL.

Welcome to Solving with SQL
Here's how it works

Master the Fundamentals of SQL

When you join, you'll unlock a 4-week curriculum packed with frameworks that guarantee you'll be up and running with SQL.

  • 📺 Live sessions covering SQL fundamentals

  • 💬 Group coaching and feedback calls via Zoom

  • 🗺️ Step-by-step guides making sure you stay on track

  • 📝 Templates, examples, and swipe files for you to keep

  • 💼 Detailed case studies with questions and code

  • 🚀 Weekly Q&A sessions to reinforce everything you've learned (and make sure nobody gets left behind)

Solve Real-World Business Problems

Other courses charge you thousands of dollars, only to wave their hands in the air with "theory."

And by the end, you leave with a bunch of notes that sit in a folder for eternity. Meanwhile, you're still confused and unsure about the next step to take.But Solving with SQL is about moving quickly, taking action, and keeping a tight feedback loop.And by solving real-world business problems with SQL, you'll demolish your feelings of impostor syndrome and be ready for whatever opportunities come your way.

Get plugged into a community of like-minded data professionals.

Learning SQL doesn't have to be lonely.

But for most beginner data analysts, it certainly feels that way.This is why Solving with SQL has the best onboarding program to master the fundamentals of SQL in the business.Other courses exist just to hand you a certificate of completion and send you on your way.But in Solving with SQL, you'll surround yourself with like-minded people with the same goal as you: master the fundamentals of SQL so that you can solve real-world business problems and increase your earning potential.You'll join data professionals and aspiring data professionals interested in using SQL to solve problems in all sorts of industries and applications.

Build lifelong friendships while getting feedback and accountability.

The internet makes it easy to connect to like-minded professionals.

No longer are your friends limited to the people in your neighborhood or the people you grew up with.Now, you have access to millions of people across the globe with the same interests as you. But, you need to know how to find them.And Solving with SQL is that place.Upon joining, we pair you with another student that's on the same kind of journey you are. This provides the accountability, feedback loop, and motivation you need to keep going so that you can finally master the fundamentals of SQL.And throughout the cohort, you'll have dozens of chances to collaborate, build friendships, connect on social media, learn from one another, give and receive feedback, and everything in between.

Meet Your Instructor

Hey there! I'm Brian.I've been using SQL to solve real-world business problems since 2005 or so. I first got started when a co-worker of mine was feeling super frustrated with a complex process that involved an Access database, some Excel files, and a few reports.A problem only SQL could solve.She was in "crunch mode" to deliver her work and her Access DB kept crashing. I knew a small amount of SQL from some previous attempts at learning SQL, but this was the first time I REALLY had a problem that needed solving.I helped rewrite the messy, broken Access SQL into something that would actually work and the rest is history. I was hooked!From there, I enrolled in University and specialized in Computer Science with a concentration in database management. I just loved the fact that data was a tool that solved so many business problems.The superpower that finally clicked.Over the years, I considered getting more into the database management side of things (the more "technical" side) but I kept getting drawn back to the "business" side. I didn't really want to spend my time optimizing queries, building out architecture, or debugging arcane SQL issues and be on call.I wanted to solve business problems with SQL. That's what I loved doing. And that's what I still love doing.After a while, I found that I REALLY loved working with sales and marketing data the most. It's where the action happens in the business world. Sales and marketing are the lifeblood of every business and I LOVE being the go-to data expert for my coworkers and colleagues.The best way for me to help others on their journey.I have coached and taught database concepts and SQL fundamentals to dozens (if not hundreds) of people over the years. From the very basics of SQL and business intelligence, up to strategy and product management, I've held many different positions in the data industry for 15+ years.I created Solving with SQL to share what I know about SQL. Not just the syntax. You can watch a dozen different YouTube videos to learn SQL syntax. My intention with this course is that you'll actually master the fundamentals of SQL and be able to solve real-world business problems with everything you learn.And the best part? Solving with SQL is just getting started.

Brian Graves

Course Curriculum and Schedule

Course dates: October 16 – November 17, 2023
All Live Sessions run from 6:00 PM – 6:45 PM ET unless noted otherwise.
Can't make it during the Live Session? No worries! Recordings and materials are provided after the call.

Live Session #1
Kick-off Call and Meet & Greet – Monday, Oct. 16
Live Session #2
The 5 Pillars of Solving with SQL – Thursday, Oct. 19
Live Session #3
Developing The Problem-Solvers Mindset – Thur, Oct. 26

Live Session #4
The Data Analytics Trifecta Tech Stack – Thursday, Nov. 16
Live Session #5
Data Analytics Freelancing and Career Switching – Friday, Oct. 27
Live Session #6
Celebration and Reflection Call – Friday, Nov. 3

Here's what you unlock when you join

Live Sessions

Throughout the cohort, I will walk you through mastering the fundamentals of SQL so that you can solve real-world business problems and increase your earning potential. Attending live is the best, but recordings are available!

Self-paced curriculum

Each of the live sessions is backed by a written course module that dives even deeper into the content. You'll also get frameworks, deep dives, and mental models to help you break down complex ideas into simple ones that you can apply to your own work and projects.

All the SQL code you need to succeed

All of the SQL code you need is included. Along the way, you'll be encouraged and motivated to write your own code. But don't worry about making typos and syntax errors – all the SQL code you need to succeed is included. You'll learn how to create tables, insert records, retrieve data from a database using SQL, work with dates, perform calculations, and more!

Group Coaching & Feedback Sessions

Unlike other courses, I answer questions in real time during group coaching and feedback sessions. This is the best way to ensure your success and get the accountability and motivation that will help you succeed with SQL.

Private Online Community

Learning alone is hard. But learning with others is a dream come true. When you join the cohort, you'll work alongside other data people with the same goal you have: solving with SQL. Ask and answer questions, get feedback, and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

Step-by-Step Guides

Forget endless tutorials and information overload. You can learn just enough SQL to solve real-world business problems and forget the rest. The step-by-step guides included in the course will help you stay on track as you work to master the fundamentals of SQL.


Immediate access when you join

  • The Data Analytics Portfolio Playbook ($18 value)

  • Up and Running with PostgreSQL Quick Start Guide

  • Ultimate List of Data Jobs & Descriptions

  • The 5-Step KPI Creation Framework

  • Data Analytics Career Roadmap

Stop overthinking.
Start Solving with SQL in 2023.

Question for you:

Do you want to learn SQL so that you can increase your salary or land that job but aren't sure where to start?Maybe you've tried to learn SQL in the past and given up, thinking "Excel is good enough."Or maybe you've already started your journey and got stuck in tutorial hell?Or perhaps life has gotten in the way of your best intentions to finally learn SQL.

You're not alone.

And after going through Solving with SQL, these problems will become a thing of the past.You'll unlock new career opportunities, new promotions, job offers, special projects, and new skills that transfer to every industry.You're one click away from making the commitment to yourself to finally master the fundamentals of SQL so that you can solve real-world business problems and increase your earning potential.

Join Solving with SQL

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Final Cohort of 2023

  • 📽️ Live workshop sessions with examples, walkthroughs, and Q&A sessions for students

  • 💻 Self-paced curriculum with code and recordings included

  • 📝 Templates and frameworks to help you master the fundamentals of SQL

  • 📺 6 months of access to session recordings and session materials

  • 💬 Private community of data professionals to learn and develop together

  • ✍️ Frameworks, quickstart guides, recordings, templates, code samples, and case studies are all yours to keep.

  • 📗 [BONUS 1] The Data Analytics Portfolio Playbook

  • 🐇 [BONUS 2] Up and Running with PostgreSQL Quick Start Guide

  • 💼 [BONUS 3] Ultimate Guide to the Top 10 Data Skills Employers Want to See

  • 🌎 [BONUS 4] The 5-Step KPI Creation Framework

  • 🗺️ [BONUS 5] Data Analytics Career Roadmap

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?

Other courses charge upwards of $3,500 to help you solve real-world business problems using SQL.But my goal with Solving with SQL is to keep it accessible while still charging enough to keep you accountable.The full price of the course is $349.

Can I gift Solving with SQL to a friend?

Absolutely! And what a tremendous gift indeed.To do so, simply enroll using your email address.Then, send an email to "" with the subject line GIFT TRANSFER REQUEST and we will send you further instructions.

What's the time commitment?

Life is busy. We know you don't have time to practice SQL all day.By following the practice plan, you will spend no more than 60 minutes writing SQL code every day.But this 60-minute habit of practicing and sharing daily is the highest leverage habit in human history. Consistency is the key.On top of this simple, daily practice, there are (optional) live sessions per week as well as a weekly self-paced curriculum.

Can I really master SQL in 30 days?

On the surface, this might look like an average course on learning SQL.And if you've read through this entire landing page and still think that...I'm not really sure what to tell you.Because Solving with SQL is an immersive, cohort-based course and community that uses the 30-day challenge model to make sure you take action and achieve your "grand-slam" outcome.

🔒 100% Refund and Rollover Policy

I want your Solving with SQL investment to be 100% risk-free.If you engage with the course materials, and attend the live sessions, yet are unsatisfied in any way, we will refund your purchase within the first 2 weeks of the cohort.However, part of what makes Solving with SQL work is financial accountability. If you do not engage with the course materials or fail to take action during the course, this does not qualify for a refund.How do rollovers work?Within the first week, if you find after enrolling that your schedule is busier than you thought, we will roll you forward into a future cohort at no additional cost.Contact for help.